New Look Boca does not perform surgery but rather facilitates consultations between patients desiring cosmetic surgery and credentialed surgeons. New Look Boca provides the operating theater and exam rooms for both surgical and non-surgical interactions between the patient and surgeon. New Look Boca further works with the patient to ensure affordable pricing and to obtain consumer financing when appropriate.

Laser Acne

The ClearLight® system by Lumenis® uses pulses of blue-wavelength light to destroy acne-causing bacteria in the skin, reducing blemishes in a series of 8 treatments in one month.

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Traditionally, acne has been considered a necessary evil of adolescence and for some adults as well. Recently, though, advanced treatments have been developed to treat mild to moderate acne without the side effects of oral or topical antibiotics, so you don’t have to suffer from this embarrassing and potentially disfiguring condition.

Each treatment takes only 15 minutes as the patient lies beneath the blue light wearing protective glasses.

The procedure is painless and normal activities can be resumed immediately. A significant improvement in appearance should be visible by the end of the four-week treatment period.

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