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Fraxel Dual Restore

It is non-ablative, heats the skin in pixilated columns that results in collagen stimulation over time, resulting in improvement of fine to moderate lines and wrinkles, and improvement in skin pigmentation (as well as tone and texture).

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Fraxel restore is the original Fraxel laser product, a fractionated Erbium laser that works at 1550 nanometer wavelength. The older Fraxel restore required a series of treatments (4-6) separated by about 2 to 3 weeks. The Dual’s 1550 has been modified to be faster, more effective, and more comfortable than the prior Fraxel restore laser. Usually patients will require 3 instead of 4 treatments with this laser as compared to the previous version. It is also effective for the treatment of acne, traumatic, and surgical scars.

Fraxel Dual laser adds another laser to the restore laser. The new wavelength is 1927 nanometers; it is a Thulium laser (say that a few times in a row). 1927nm is very specific and effective at treating brown pigment including sun damage lentigines (sun spots), aging spots, and studies are being conducted for the treatment of melasma. In a single treatment, remarkable clearance of pigment occurs within 7 to 10 days. The treatment is very tolerable, either with or without numbing cream. The face as well as the entire body can be treated. Unlike IPL treatments, usually 1 to 2 treatments are all that are necessary for fresh rosy skin.

Patients also like the comfort, quickness, and uniform application of the laser. Solta, the company that makes Fraxel, will not be offering stand-alone Fraxel restore units. They will only be selling the “Fraxel restore Dual”. Another advantage of the Dual is that the two laser treatments can be combined at the same treatment session for those patients who desire a deeper treatment for collagen stimulation along with eradication of brown spots.

We believe that Fraxel restore Dual will be a very popular treatment. Many of the first patients treated have been actresses, treating their face, chest, and hands. Patients are extremely happy and excited with their fresh new skin. The big question is how long will the results last? That will depend on the individual patient, their sun protection habits (including clothing, hats, physical sun block, etc.), and in melasma patients their hormone levels (which should be normal at the time of treatment).

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