New Look Boca does not perform surgery but rather facilitates consultations between patients desiring cosmetic surgery and credentialed surgeons. New Look Boca provides the operating theater and exam rooms for both surgical and non-surgical interactions between the patient and surgeon. New Look Boca further works with the patient to ensure affordable pricing and to obtain consumer financing when appropriate.

Brow Lift

Are you tired of frown lines? If so a Brow Lift can be the perfect solution for you!

  • Correct sagging eyebrows
  • Tightened and youthful appearance
  • Guaranteed Financing
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Top Surgeons
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About the procedure

At New Look Boca our surgeons take focus in the areas that are affected the most. You will love the results and you will feel like the clock went back several years. By correcting sagging eyebrows you are able to really improve the horizontal expression lines as well as your forehead wrinkles. You can say bye bye to your frown lines and say hello to tightened and youthful appearance. Guaranteed!

The forehead / brow lift corrects sagging eyebrows, horizontal expression lines and wrinkles. Improvements are made to the deep muscles as the skin and superficial muscles are tightened for a more youthful appearance.

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