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Transgender Breast Augmentation

For many transgendered women, transgender breast implants represent an important step in establishing their feminine identities, and the decision to get transgender breast implants is not one that should be made lightly.

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Potential candidates need to consider many of the same factors as women who opt for breast implants.


In the surgical sense, transgender breast implants do not differ from the breast implants that a woman receives. The materials used for transgender breast implants are identical, as are the options for incisions, and patients can choose to have their transgender breast implants placed over or under the muscle tissue in their chest.

That’s why it’s important to look for a group of surgeons that have considerable expertise in breast implants for both sexes. In South Florida, there is no plastic surgery center that does more breast implant surgeries annually than Strax or has as many breast implant surgeons on staff.

Please feel free to contact our breast surgery facility. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff welcomes your breast implant questions.

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